Results 1 – 12 of 35 Opening the Hand of Thought: Foundations of Zen Buddhist Practice. Jun 15, by Kosho Uchiyama Roshi and Tom Wright. The following essay on Uchiyama Kosho Roshi’s life of mendicancy was written in the early 70’s. For roshi, a life of material poverty was taken for granted as a. Kosho Uchiyama was a preeminent Japanese Zen master, instrumental in bringing Zen to America. The author of over twenty books read.

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Then, a second child came up to me and did the ucihyama, and another and another, until five or six children had put dirt in my bowl, which I continued to empty into my bag. My style of doing takuhatsu became more reserved and less pushy, and I stopped thinking in terms of how much money I needed to get in my bowl each day.

Still, even though whatever may happen is okay, if you do not apply any businesslike principle to your activities, even to one like takuhatsu, you will end up a fool. Rather, besides takuhatsu, I had a lot of other work to do that made my going out all the more important. For this, you must follow the teaching of the master and the rules of klsho place of practice uchiywma you have decided for loyally, without stating your own preferences or judgements of good and bad.

Kōshō Uchiyama

Inwhen we first heard that a terrible bomb had laid waste to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the midst of all that horror no one could imagine what sort of human beings could have made such an accursed thing.

For him, social climbing in pursuit of fame and profit was meaningless. As I said earlier, we should not be blind to, or unconscious of, this scenery.

Without an attitude that whatever happens is okay, we are going to wind up neurotic. Today it is easier to get informations: And, because of that, there is always a sharp prick of conscience about it. There are many examples of ascetics living in Japan. From now on, I cannot be misled by anyone. He didn’t try to accommodate the hierarchy as Suzuki did, and he scoffed at the state of Zen in Japan.


I feel grateful for being unable to stop laughing over receiving four uchiyyama coins. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Usually, however, people do not understand this. To you 2 Uchiyama: They will get to know your face and will not only stop putting anything in your bowl, they will stop looking at you at all and your bowl will soon dry up. So he knows both Christianity and Buddhism. It is the same during a fire.

What sense could there be when an ordinary person without a trace of satori just sits?

Eihei-ji could not be bothered with the runaway and Saikichi was refused entry. Thinking about this, I couldn’t help but feel the weakness of human beings when confronted with money.

When you start off like a house on fire, then you have to pay particularly attention, because while you are all relaxed thinking about what a great morning it has been, bang, your luck doesn’t last forever.

When you are in pain or suffering I lend a hand. If you call, I shall respond That is just me responding to myself. The most important point is to repeat this kakusoku billions of times. In many districts of Kyoto there are still people who think like that guy. As I was feeding the pigeons one day, I realized that I, too, was one of the pigeons of Kyoto.

I had been out walking for about an hour and virtually no one looked my way. I have returned home empty-handed. The light of the early evening moon shines brightly and the children have all headed home.

Read it Forward Read it first. This universal Life is the place to which we return. Right up to the start of the festival is great for doing takuhatsu, but once the floats start rolling down the street, forget it. Yokoyama Roshi was always interested in poetry and music. And, likewise, being sad and hopeless is also a good day. At any rate, I had convinced myself that people were looking at me in that way. In every situation the Self lives the life of the Self — such a self must do itself by itself.


The famous Japanese Zen monk Ryokan 1 lived by takuhatsu and wrote about it in his poems. I feel ashamed about almost everything.

To follow the Buddha way means to follow yourself. That is, from the age of 37 until I reached We were side by side in this life at Antaiji, and at the same time, each of us was completely alone.

Kōshō Uchiyama – Wikipedia

Only the wall is left in front of you. If you follow uciyama master in this way, than this practice is the basis on which you can follow yourself. Sawaki roshi was fully aware that his disciple, Kosho, was not physically strong and certainly not suited for military life.

I would like to compare our life to sitting behind the wheel of an automobile.

Kosho Uchiyama Roshi Quotes (Author of How to Cook Your Life)

Nov 08, Pages. As he was passing near a child who was playing house, the child looked up and immediately gave him one of her sand cakes. The zazen of living out this fresh and raw life means awakening the mind, certifying through practice billions of times. How could I be anything but grateful when people would do that kind of thing. For a while, I thought the elevator was going down very fast.

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