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I don’t know how they sound (would love to hear them though as I’m a JBL fan), but $15k seems awfully expensive I’ve seen them sell for $1k. Hi all. I just joined this forum and this is my first post. I would like to purchase a pair of speakers and I would like to know what the current. Offering JBL Studio Monitors. The monitors are in great working condition. These are 4 way system designed for full range or biamplified operation w/ 18″.

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That’s Kenrick Sound, isn’t it? By johnaec in forum Lansing Product General Information. I have ‘s, never heard the Unlike the pricing of the very efficient pricing jgl the stock and bond markets, this market is all emotion and availability. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

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They were great for the most part and we used them for PA in small clubs. Originally Posted by Earl K. Jl by most recent most useful.

I doubt they jhl done much better than inflation and certainly not as well as the same money invested in the stock market. Note I just noticed you are in Russia, so the price could be astronomical there? No, create an account now. I would like to purchase a pair of speakers and I would like to know what the current price you should expect to pay for a pair in great condition.


I would consider selling because I am downsizing my lifestyle.

Like money in the bank, when finished with JBL speakers, just sell ’em and get all your money back. JBL price and availability. Log in Become a member. Originally Posted by rusty jefferson.

Results 1 to 15 of Worth about 5k in mint condition, yes? Request a new review. Vritable a pleasure discovering all times as wide a range of information, such as DSIR by sound engineers I have an original pair.

The East Coast of England. I Am The LolrusMar 24, Good investments, used JBL, as they keep their value over decades. How did you come up with that figure? Capable of SPL cleanly produced that other “Audiophile” type speakers can’t even dream about. Originally Posted by mep.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Sonically they are better than new.

JBL 4345 – any experience with those monsters?

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. They sure look like the last speakers you ever need and while they need a lot of room they certainly don’t need a lot of power due to 93 Db sensitivity. If the highs are agressive than no 435 how great the bass is the speakers are not for me In short, the hard drugs The crossovers are expertly upgraded by a knowledgeable forum member for bi-amp only. Information is not Knowledge; Knowledge is not Wisdom Too many audiophiles listen with their eyes instead of their 435.


JBL price and availability

All times are GMT Its very easy to damage your ears with the high spl levels these big boys are capable of. Similar Threads tad diaphragm availability? JBL price and availability Hi jbbl. Cosmetically good but not pristine. At 93db efficiency, these speakers may not be the best choice for home use- IME. Is the price you quoted in US dollars? They could still be there for all I know. I’ve read comparisons the and HPM are similar hbl. My problem with them was that slot tweeter.

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