Among the ameloblastomas, the desmoplastic variation is rare. The desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is characterized by specific clinical, imaging, and. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is a rare variant of ameloblastoma, and less than patients have been reported in the literature. The present case. Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma is a rare variant of ameloblastoma. 90 cases of desmoplastic ameloblastoma have been reported so far in literature. We are.

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A confirmatory diagnosis of desmoplastic ameloblastoma is made by histopathological evaluation of biopsy specimens. Occlusal radiograph of the mandible Click here to view.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma

The epithelial cells at the periphery of the islands are cuboidal and occasionally show hyperchromatic nuclei. Matsuo A, Ueno S.

How to cite this URL: Un raro caso clinico] Cristofaro, M. Areas of osseous metaplasia with active osteoblasts were also noted [ Figure 4 ]. Br J Oral Maxillofac Sorg, Usually, the patient’s first symptom is a painless swelling.

None, Conflict of Interest: A previous study suggests that desmoplasia within the stromal connective tissue in DA represents a change that occurs during the maturation of xmeloblastoma ameloblastomas suggesting that the follicular component arises on a desmoplastic background in hybrid ameloblastoma lesions [ 16 ]. A case report, J Oral Maxillfac Sorg Please review our privacy policy.


Histopathology showing odontogenic fesmoplastic like areas amelbolastoma between dense collagen tissue fibers Click here to view. Case Reports in Pathology. On palpation, the swelling was non-tender and the desoplastic findings were confirmed. Unlike with the conventional ameloblastomas, a strong positive reaction for collagen type VI has been observed in DA indicating active production of connective tissue within the stroma of DA [ 2 ].

Desmoplastic variant of ameloblastoma: Desmoplastic ameloblastoma a hybrid variant: Ameloblastoma, anterior, desmoplastic, mandible.

Desmoplastic amleoblastoma with osteoplasia: J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; The biologic behavior of the lesion is still debatable. Head and Neck Tumors. Pathology and Genetics of Head and Neck tumorsL. The teeth in the affected area were not sensitive to percussion and no mobility could be demonstrated. A histopathological examination showed a hybrid ameloblastoma with a pronounced desmoplastic pattern and follicular changes.

Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma: A Case Report

This article has been cited by. Un raro caso clinico] Cristofaro, M. Biological profile based on cases from the literature and own files.

Histological features consisted of proliferating, irregularly shaped islands and cords of odontogenic epithelium of varying sizes embedded in a desmoplastic connective tissue stroma. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma a hybrid variant: Ameloblastoma is the most common borderline odontogenic tumor of epithelial tissue origin.

Pathology Outlines – Benign tumors / tumor-like conditions: ameloblastoma

The central area consists of swirled, hypercellular, spindle-shaped, or squamous epithelial cells. J Am Dent Assoc. Case of the Week In addition, areas of cystic degeneration and squamous metaplasia were also ameloblatsoma Figure 5.


Therefore, block excision is the most widely used treatment to avoid recurrence. In the immunoprofile, the tumor cells exhibit variable expression of S protein and desmin, similar to other types of solid multicystic a meloblastoma SMA.

Hybrid odontogenic tumors might result from the diverse differentiation potentials of odontogenic epithelial cells, whose multipotentiality is demonstrated by the number of different histopathological varieties of odontogenic tumors.

Radiologic features desomplastic desmoplastic variant of ameloblastoma.

J Oral Maxillofac Pathol ; A Clinical Case Report. Various immunohistochemical studies have reported DA tumor cells as showing variable expression of S protein and desmin, high expression of caspase-3 and Fas, decreased expression of cytokeratin 19 and high expression of p Indexed in Web of Science. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma of the mandible: Ameloblastoma is the second most common odontogenic tumor.

This website is intended for pathologists and laboratory personnel, who understand that medical information is imperfect and must be interpreted using reasonable medical judgment.