A Hilbert curve is a continuous fractal space-filling curve first described by the German mathematician David Hilbert in , as a variant of the space-filling Peano curves discovered by Giuseppe Peano in . Mathematische Annalen 38 (), – ^ : Sur une courbe, qui remplit toute une aire plane. Une courbe de Peano est une courbe plane paramétrée par une fonction continue sur l’intervalle unité [0, 1], surjective dans le carré [0, 1]×[0, 1], c’est-à- dire que. Dans la construction de la courbe de Hilbert, les divers carrés sont parcourus . cette page d’Alain Esculier (rubrique courbe de Peano, équations de G. Lavau).

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A space-filling curve’s approximations can be self-avoiding, as the figures above illustrate. It was also easy to extend Peano’s example to continuous curves without endpoints, which filled the entire n -dimensional Euclidean space where n is 2, 3, or any other positive integer.

The following C code performs the mappings in both directions, using iteration peabo bit operations rather than recursion.

His purpose was to construct a continuous mapping from the unit interval onto the unit square. Views Read Edit View history. On each iteration, an amount is added to d or to x and ydetermined by which of the 4 regions it is in at the current level.

For multidimensional databases, Hilbert order has been proposed to be used instead of Z order because it has better locality-preserving behavior. The xy2d function works top down, starting with the most significant bits of x and yand building up the most significant bits of d first.

Hilbert curve – Wikipedia

These two formulations are equivalent. A grayscale photograph can be converted to a dithered black-and-white image using thresholding, with the leftover amount from each pixel added to the next pixel along the Hilbert curve. To eliminate the inherent vagueness of this notion, Jordan in introduced the following rigorous definition, which has since been adopted as the precise description of the notion of a continuous curve:. So it consumes 2 input bits, either 2 from d or 1 each from x and yand generates two output bits.


One might be tempted to think that the meaning of curves intersecting is that they necessarily cross each other, like the intersection point of two non-parallel lines, from one side to the other. No differentiable space-filling curve can exist. They have also been used to help compress data warehouses.

At that cojrbe the beginning of the foundation of general topologygraphical arguments were still included in proofs, yet were becoming a hindrance to understanding often d results.

A non-self-intersecting continuous curve cannot fill the unit square because that will make the curve a homeomorphism from the unit interval onto the unit square any continuous bijection from a compact space onto a Hausdorff space is a homeomorphism. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This article is about a particular curve defined by Giuseppe Peano. In 3 dimensions, self-avoiding approximation curves can even contain knots. Peano’s curve may be constructed by a sequence of steps, where the i th step constructs a set S i of squares, and a sequence P i of the centers of pezno squares, from the set and sequence constructed in the previous step. Continuous mappings Fractal curves.

Here the sphere is the sphere at infinity of hyperbolic 3-space. Retrieved from ” https: These choices lead to many different variants of the Peano curve. But a unit square has no cut-pointand so cannot be homeomorphic to the unit interval, in which all points except the endpoints are cut-points. Buddhabrot Oeano trap Pickover stalk. Code to generate the image would map from 2D to 1D to find the color of each pixel, and the Hilbert curve is sometimes used because it keeps nearby IP addresses close to each other in the picture.

At level seach region is s by s cells.

Giuseppe Peano

There is a single FOR loop that iterates through levels. Common programs such as Blender and Cinema 4D use the Hilbert Curve to trace the objects, and render the scene. Intuitively, a continuous curve in 2 coyrbe 3 or higher dimensions can be thought of as the path of a continuously moving point. From Peano’s example, it was easy to deduce continuous curves whose ranges contained the n -dimensional hypercube for any positive integer n.


There exist non-self-intersecting curves of nonzero area, the Osgood curvesbut they are not space-filling. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Hilbert Curve can be expressed by a rewrite system L-system. InPeano discovered a continuous curve, now called the Peano curvethat passes through every point of the unit square Peano Theory of Computing Systems.

Peano curve

The entire square is viewed as composed of 4 regions, arranged 2 by 2. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The two subcurves intersect if the intersection of the two images is non-empty. For example, Hilbert curves have been used to compress and accelerate R-tree indexes [4] see Hilbert R-tree.

For example, the range of IP addresses used by computers can be mapped into a picture using the Hilbert curve. For xy2d, it starts at the top level of the entire square, and works its way down to the lowest level of individual cells. Conversely a compact metric peank is second-countable. This subsequence is formed by grouping the nine smaller squares into three columns, ordering the centers contiguously within each pdano, and then ordering the columns from one side of the square to the other, in such a dw that the distance between each consecutive pair of points in the subsequence equals the side length of the small squares.

This page was last edited on 25 Januaryat The restriction of the Cantor re to the Cantor set is an example of such a function.

Sur une courbe, qui remplit toute une aire plane. If a curve is not injective, then one can find two intersecting subcurves of the curve, each obtained by considering the images of two disjoint segments from the curve’s domain the unit line segment.