Anulom Vilom Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing exercise is one of the main practices of Pranayama. It balances the two hemispheres of the brain. Anulom Vilom, also known as the alternate breathing technique, A range of breathing techniques, pranayam and asanas help you achieve. Anulom Vilom Pranayam is one of the best and easy most breathing exercises for complete purification of body as well as mind. It completely cures most of the.

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At first, you have to anuolm the meaning of Anuloma and Viloma. It is very helpful in respiratory-related diseases like Asthma. Anulom Vilom Pranayama is the best way of balancing the Tri dosas in our body. Our body gets ill when Tri dosas are not in balancing position. All these are present in the body of every people. If one of them is an imbalance that we suffer from different diseases.

All three are the cause of all diseases. If you really want to balance these Tri dosas than do Anulom Vilom pranayama regularly. It is the simplest and best way for this. Anulom Vilom Pranayama is the ideal Pranayama for a healthy heart. Anulom Vilom Pranayama is also known as Nadi Shodhana pranayama alternate nostril breathing.

Nadi Shodhana is the next level of Anulom Vilom. In Anulom Vilom Pranayama we inhale and exhale, but in Nadi Shodhana pranayama we hold kumbhaka lranayama retention our breath for a second or minute than exhale. For more details click Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. Please tell me the time to this yoga i. As Baba Ramdev says that you can do anulom vilom before sleep.

There is only one Asana called Vajrasana, which is done abulom taking meal. Please bataiye ki agar him anulom vilom ka ek cycle jab end hota he to wo left nostril se hi sas chhodni he? Amu, Happy to see your comment, Its better if you start Anulom Vilom by inhaling through your left nostril and exhale from right nostril. Please follow the steps carefully, otherwise its harms you. Just forget what you have done, right or wrong and follow the above-mentioned steps carefully.

These steps are based on Patanjali Yoga Sutra.

We hope your doubt is clear. If you have any queries you can ask us without any hesitation. Benefits depend on your practice and the correct steps followed by you. What is the right villm of breathing while doing Anulom Vilom?

Should our stomach expand while breath in and shrink while out, or vice versa? Does the right way of breathing matters?

Your chest and collar bone is rising during inhaling, Thanks for your Valuable Comment. Hi im confused between nadi shodhan and anum vilom. In Nadi shodan we do not hold breath but in Anulom Vilom we does. Most websites n books say we hold breath in Anulom Vilom. We can say that Nadi shodhan pranayama is the next level of Anulom vilom pranayama.

Please tell me the duration and for how much time Anulom Vilom Pranayam to perform? If you are a beginner,practice this pranayama for 5 minutes.

Thnx Rajendra Gumaste, If you are beginner, do Anulom vilom anulo to 5 minutes, day by day increase the time. Once you are used to it you can perform this about half an hour.

How to Do Anulom Vilom: A Pranayam Technique For Breathing Problems

But main thing is that pranayamz. Pushkar achieving praanyama in your life is all upto your hard work and efforts, but by Yoga you achieve positiveness to your mind, calmness and good health, Positive thinking and good health is vital factor for achieving any goals.

Achiving Hepnotism level is very very difficult in now a days. It needs lots hard efforts and practice, and it takes time.

I am 68 yrs. I also meditate, should I do that before or after anulom-vilom. Do meditation after Pranayama.

Hello i am having to much depression. Sometimes i am scared and ahulom angoplastic also. Is anulom vilom is alright for me? Ahmad Anulom vilom is right for you alonwith do Bhramari and udgeeth pranayam for depression. Thnx and tk cr.

Ahmad, Yes Anulom vilom is good for you alongwith do pranav and udgeeth also for stress and depression. Dear Sir, Can the regular practice of Anulom Vilom prayanama clear any blocked heart arteries. Can it be practiced in a room or open air. Thanx Umasankar Govindasamy for your valuable comment.

For Narrowing heart arteries Anulom vilom, Nadi Shodhan pranayam, kapalbhati e. But you have to practice regularly and it takes time but slowly — slowly it will cure this problem.

How will time Take to get the benifit by anulom vilom pranayam. I do this Daily 5 minutes. Earlier i do this Daily 15 minutes but i Not get any benigits specially in My concentration and will Power.

Pushkar benefits needs time and practice, do this for 15 minutes as you said that. During anulom — vilom focus on your breath.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam: How to Practice for Maximum Benefit

I am having arachnodititis,because of tb in spine due to which I have severe pain radiating from hips to legs and I am doing anulom vilom while lying on bed. Pranayama or yoga is such a miraculous technique that it is difficult to predict whether you will get cured or no.

I wish for u r complete recovery through u r dedicated practice of yoga. U r free to ask if u still have any doubt or any question to ask. I have tried nadi shodhan pranayamwith padmasana and with visham vrutti. I am experiencing headache from morning. Stop adopting kumbhaka while practicing nadi shodhan. Can anulom vilom help to strengthen lung and eliminate shortness of breathing if one is having bronchitis? Ro start with should I do 5 minutes once a day or twice a day or more?

Apart from that practice other pranayamas also. Some backward bending asanas are also useful practice them according to u r physical restraint. Anulom vilom is the only pranayama which u can practice at any time n u can practice for how much time u want to. Set of practices of backward bending postures and pranayamas is the yogic therapeutic package for u r problem.

Sir, I suffer from severe Dry Eyes problem caused by allergies. One of my friend told me to do anulom vilom. Is Anulom Vilom right exercise for the Dry Eye problem. YOU can also use eye drops with doctor concern. Good morning I am suffering from high bp and high cholestrol Is pranayama help to me for normalise what types of pranayamas I have to practice? And for high cholestrol do kapalbhati pranayam with slow strokes, chakrasana, shalabhasana, sarvangasana, paschimottanasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana are helpful in high cholestrol.

Good evening I am suffering from Maxillary Polyps with Sinusitis, got oprtd two times but same problem is recurring again and when stopped taking allopathic medicine. This Anulom Vilom pranayam will be helpful or not. Please guide me which pranayam will be best for me.

Only pranayama will not be helpful. I have undergone Pnemothorax 2 years back. I also sometimes suffer frm anxieties and depresssion will anulom vilom help? I am from Dhaka. I am performing anulom vilom prayanam since last four months. I feel happy and no anxiety tension. But I feel weight lose and thin that make me uneasy.

Please tell me how I can overcome it. Automatically you will pganayama your weight not to worry about this but keep practicing. Abhra, thnx for sharing your point, Anulom vilom is good for anxiety and depression for gaining weight do Bhujangasana, vajrasana, sarvangasana,Matsyasana and Pavanamuktasana. Otherwise kapalbhati is good for our digestive system.

Hi i just wanna know why we dont use index and middle fingure while doing nadi shodan pranayama…can you suggest my any text where i can come to know more about pranayama…thanks. If you are comfortable you can do with anuloom index and middle finger. I have a problem of mood swings and also I keep on getting negative thoughts. Anulom vilom will be helpful in reducing the same.

How much time generally take yoga in recovery these problems? Increase the time day by day of pranayama, prqnayama you are performing anulom — vilom or any Pranayama assume that all your negativity kicked out as you breathe out.


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Windows 7 Configuration : Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Exam 70-680

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Chuk and Gek (Russian: Чук и Гек) is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children’s Chuk and Gek cover (English).jpg. Cover of Chuk and Gek ( ). Edition/Format: Print book: Fiction: EnglishView all editions and formats. Rating: # Chuck and Geck. [Translated from. Arkady Gaidar and his books. The school. Chuck and Geck. Timur and his squad. Notes. Tr. from Arkadii Gaidar Izbrannoe. Language. English; Russian.

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Chuck and Geck by Arkady Gaidar My rating: It is not entirely our fault.

Very few of the books written in other languages are translated or distributed. One of the offshoots of Communism was the availability of Russian literature. Beautifully produced and translated books in Fnglish were available at subsidised rates gevk us.

We may have heard of Tolstoy, but not the others, I am sure, were it not for the ‘propaganda’ literature distributed far and wide by the Russians. Among the books scattered around my house, I found this book about two naughty little boys who throw away a telegram by their gsck.

As a result of this, they find themselves in an abandoned camp in Siberia at the end of a very long train journey. The book remained in my mind, a sweet story about two energetic young children and their young mother. I tried to look for the book, not an easy task when you do not remember either the name of the book, or of the author. On an impulse, a few days ago, I typed the theme of the book into google in an attempt to locate something about the book.

This time, I hit paydirt, and found not only the name of the book and the author, but also a pdf file of the story. And of course, I read the story through. It was such a sweet little tale of two little boys and their adventures in Siberia. The book was written by Arkady Gaidar, who wrote several books and was a notable member of the Bolshevik party. He died young, serving his country.

From this book, I gauge he was an excellent writer as well. The story goes like this.

Chuck and Geck live in Moscow engliah their mother. Their father is a Geologist who is away in Siberia. The father wants them to visit him for Christmas and New Year.

A few days later he sends a telegram which the children lose. When they reach the remote camp after days of travel, they find it abandoned. Luckily there is a watchman present. He is a grumpy old man, not pleased by this sudden intrusion. He leaves them at the camp in his hut, with a few provisions and some wood for the fire and goes on a mission.

In his absence the young mother has to work hard to keep herself and the boys warm and fed.


They have some adventures too which could turn very serious. It is a beautifully written book and something all children should read. Alas, it is not a book that we will find on bookshelves of our neighbourhood stores, not any more. I see that this was made into a film as well. Now my next mission is take a look at the movie as well. View all my reviews. Posted by Ava Suri at 4: I am 39 now. I read the book in a Malayalam Translation while at School.

The book was published by Progress Publishers Moscow.

The book stayed in mind through all these years. There is a snd of interest in Fhuck Era Russian chilren’s literature in Kerala now and Chuk and Gek is now available in malayalam. I read it again recently. Indeed it is a wonderful story. Except for the last part where is a bit of propaganda, it is just a wonderful adventure story.

I am currently reaiding, Gaidar’s ‘School”. You are lucky Appu, if you can find these books in Kerala. I find it hard to find books, even as famous as, Eugene Onegin. It used to emglish available beautifully illustrated earlier! Now no sign of the book in even large bookstores. I am also looking for Romance for Bugle by Hrubin. No luck so far.

Appu Joseph Jose said Newer Post Older Post Home.

File:Chuk and Gek by Arkady Gaidar – Bengali Language Publication – Book .jpg

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Ava Reviews: Arkady Gaidar – Chuck and Geck

This skinny blue dog is me: Flintobox vs Firstcry Intellikit 1 week ago. Goodbye Freddie Mercury 2 months ago. Books, Life n More. Does It Happen with You Too?? There’s more to life than High5’s. Originally written anc Facebook on 15th April, 5 months ago.

Real Dan Lyons Web Site. An open letter to American Democratic party leaders 1 year ago. Persian-Urdu-Hindi Songs 2 years ago. Juanita Beach, Washington 2 years ago. Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha. Ladki hui heh Its a girl 2 years ago. And a serious Ode! Just like that 4 years ago. Folk for Future 5 years ago. Food and Friction — the Manipur Saga 6 years ago. Another one in the offing 7 years ago. Marriage Invitation 7 years ago. Chhuck Salander complex 8 years ago.

Schumacher back in the hunt!

Another Favorite Forward 8 years ago. Contributors Ava Suri harveypam.


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hemoglobina S, hemoglobina SS, la enfermedad se llama anemia .. o un pediatra general, internista o médico de familia experimentado. Aprendiendo a tratar la anemia drepanocítica. Visits. Enfermedades del sistema eritrocitario: anemias. Medicina Asociación Española de Pediatría. Download PDF. 1 / 2 Pages. Previous article. Go back to website. Next article.

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La hemoglobina falciforme no es como la hemoglobina normal.

Estas aneemia dolorosas pueden ocurrir sin aviso, y usualmente la persona debe ir al hospital para recibir tratamiento efectivo. Para tener la mayor probabilidad de un trasplante exitoso, es necesario tener un donante que sea sumamente compatible. Las personas que heredan solo un gen de la hemoglobina falciforme de uno de los padres y un gen normal del otro tienen lo que se llama rasgo falciforme.

Por lo general, las personas con el rasgo falciforme son saludables.

Sin embargo, las personas con el rasgo falciforme son portadores de un gen defectuoso de la hemoglobina S, de manera que pueden pasarlo a sus hijos. Una persona hereda dos genes de la hemoglobina: Pero a menudo ocurre en:. Drepanocitia usualmente, la persona no sabe que provoca o causa la crisis. Sin embargo, algunas veces pueden tener anemia grave. La anemia grave puede ser potencialmente mortal. Algunas de estas bacterias incluyen:. Un accidente cerebrovascular ocurre cuando el flujo de sangre hacia una parte del cerebro queda bloqueado.

Puede haber desprendimiento de la retina.

Rasgo drepanocítico

Otros problemas pueden incluir:. Esto se llama priapismo. Algunas veces se deprimen. Se analiza la drepanocifica de esa sangre en laboratorios drepanocitifa. La prueba antes del nacimiento puede realizarse tan temprano como a partir anemis las semanas 8 a 10 del embarazo.

Esta prueba investiga la presencia del gen de hemoglobina falciforme y no de la hemoglobina anormal producida por dicho gen. Regularmente significa cada tres a 12 meses dependiendo de la edad de la persona. Cuando los resultados de la prueba son anormales, las transfusiones de sangre regulares pueden disminuir el riesgo de tener un accidente cerebrovascular. La prueba no duele en absoluto.

Un programa educativo individualizado es un plan que le ayuda a los estudiantes a alcanzar sus metas educativas. Al parecer, hay muchas razones para ello. En lo posible, la persona debe llevar ese plan consigo cuando vaya a la sala de emergencia. Para controlar completamente una crisis dolorosa aguda, generalmente se necesita hospitalizar a las personas. Tomar medicinas diariamente puede ayudar a reducir el dolor.

Algunos ejemplos de estas medicinas incluyen:. En algunos casos, pueden ayudar otras opciones, como los masajes, el calor o la acupuntura.

Luego de esto, la persona puede necesitar recibir transfusiones cada mes u otros tratamientos para ayudar a prevenir otro accidente cerebrovascular. Esto es especialmente cierto en las primeras semanas del tratamiento. En raras ocasiones, puede empeorar la anemia. Todos los bancos de sangre y el personal hospitalario han adoptado medidas para reducir el riesgo de problemas asociados con las transfusiones.

Por lo general, el donante es la hermana o el hermano de la persona. Para estos trasplantes generalmente se usan donantes que sean compatibles. Alrededor del cinco por ciento de las personas han muerto. Al igual que todo el mundo, usted y su hijo deben esforzarse por mantener un estilo de vida saludable que incluya:.

Información básica sobre la enfermedad de células falciformes

No fume y trate de evitar el humo de segunda mano. Evite situaciones que puedan provocar una crisis. Evite hacer demasiado esfuerzo al ejercitarse y deshidratarse. Cada persona experimenta el dolor de forma diferente.

En ocasiones usted puede sentirse triste o deprimido. Puede ser que usted encuentre que hablar con un consejero o psiquiatra o participar de un grupo de apoyo le ayude. Vea todos los ensayos en ClinicalTrials. After an exciting event in Kingston, Jamaica in Octoberwe are thrilled to announce that the 12th annual Sick Pero a menudo ocurre en: La espalda baja Las piernas Los brazos El abdomen vientre El pecho La crisis puede ocurrir a causa de: Esto causa anemia severa.

Algunas de estas bacterias incluyen: Otros problemas pueden incluir: Lleve una vida saludable Al igual que todo el mundo, usted y su hijo deben esforzarse por mantener un estilo de vida saludable que incluya: Prevenga y evite las complicaciones Evite situaciones que puedan provocar una crisis. Tal vez pueda aliviar su dolor con cosas como: Investigaciones para mejorar su salud.

Crisis drepanocíticas (Crisis de dolor) (para Adolecentes)

Temas de salud relacionados Sickle Cell Disease. What You Need to Know. Tips for Healthy Living.

For diversity in clinical trials, “Include pediatri They ranged in age from 15 to 61—four African American women, all with stories to tell about their struggles with sickle cell disease, all with stories about a common experience that helped them through those struggles: It mattered, said the women, all of whom had joined trials funded by the National Institutes of Sickle Cell in Focus Conference October 22 – 23, Drepanocitjca Conference Center, Ruth L.

Kirschstein Auditorium 45 Center Dr. View all events on Sickle Cell Disease.


Phimosis and paraphimosis are disorders of the penis. Symptoms of phimosis include inflammation of the skin on the head of the penis and painful urination or . SOURCES OF INFORMATION. This paper is based on selected findings from a MEDLINE search for literature on phimosis and circumcision referrals and on our . ScientificWorldJournal. Feb 3; doi: /tsw Prepuce: phimosis, paraphimosis, and circumcision. Hayashi Y(1), Kojima Y, Mizuno.

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Parafimossis Fimosis Phimosis Fimosis phimosis Merupakan kondisi dimana kulit yang melingkupi kepala penis glans penis tidak bisa ditarik ke belakang fimmosis membuka seluruh bagian kepala penis fimoss, prepuce, preputium, foreskin.

Preputium terdiri dari dua lapis, bagian dalam dan luar, sehingga dapat ditarik ke depan dan belakang pada batang penis. Pada fimosis, lapis bagian dalam preputium melekat pada glans penis. Kadangkala perlekatan cukup luas sehingga hanya bagian lubang untuk berkemih meatus urethra externus yang terbuka. Fimosis phimosis bisa merupakan kelainan bawaan sejak lahir kongenital maupun didapat, Parafimosis paraphimosis Merupakan kebalikan dari fimosis dimana kulit preputium setelah ditarik ke belakang batang penis tidak dapat dikembalikan ke posisi semula ke depan batang penis sehingga penis menjadi terjepit.

Fimosis dan parafimosis yang didiagnosis secara klinis ini, dapat terjadi pada penis yang belum disunat disirkumsisi, circumcision atau telah dikhitan namun hasilnya kurang baik. Fimosis dan parafimosis dapat terjadi pada laki-laki semua usia, namun kejadiannya ifmosis pada masa bayi dan remaja. Fimosis kongenital kelainan bawaan, true phimosis Kulit preputium selalu melekat erat pada glans penis dan tidak dapat ditarik ke belakang pada saat lahir, namun seiring bertambahnya usia serta diproduksinya hormon dan adalh pertumbuhan, terjadi proses keratinisasi lapisan epitel dan deskuamasi antara glans penis dan lapis bagian dalam preputium sehingga akhirnya kulit preputium terpisah dari glans penis.

Fimosis didapat fimosis patologik Hal ini berkaitan dengan kebersihan higiene alat kelamin yang buruk, peradangan kronik glans penis dan kulit preputium balanoposthitis kronikatau penarikan berlebihan kulit preputium forceful retraction pada fimosis kongenital fimodis akan menyebabkan pembentukkan jaringan ikat fibrosis dekat bagian kulit preputium yang membuka. Gejala fimosis Fimosis kongenital seringkali menimbulkan fenomena ballooning, yakni kulit preputium mengembang saat berkemih karena desakan pancaran air seni tidak diimbangi besarnya lubang di ujung preputium.

Fenomena ini akan hilang dengan sendirinya, dan tanpa adanya fimosis patologik, tidak selalu menunjukkan adanya hambatan obstruksi air seni. Selama tidak terdapat hambatan aliran air seni, buang air kecil berdarah hematuriaatau nyeri preputium, fimosis bukan merupakan kasus gawat darurat. Indikasi medis utama dilakukannya tindakan sirkumsisi pada anak-anak adalah fimosis patologik. American College of Emergency Physicians Disclosure: Background Phimosis refers to the parfimosis to retract the distal foreskin over the glans penis.

Physiologic phimosis occurs naturally in newborn males. Pathologic phimosis defines an inability to retract the foreskin after it was previously retractible or after puberty, usually secondary pzrafimosis distal scarring of the foreskin.

Paraphimosis is the entrapment of a retracted parrafimosis behind the coronal sulcus. Paraphimosis is a disease of uncircumcised or partially circumcised males. Anatomy of the penis. Physiologic phimosis results from adhesions between the epithelial layers of the inner prepuce and glans. These adhesions spontaneously dissolve with intermittent foreskin retraction and erections, so that as males grow, physiologic phimosis resolves with age. Poor hygiene and recurrent episodes of balanitis or balanoposthitis lead to scarring of preputial orifices, leading to pathologic phimosis.

Forceful retraction of the foreskin leads to microtears at the preputial orifice that also leads to scarring and phimosis. Elderly persons are at risk of phimosis secondary to loss of skin elasticity and infrequent erections. Penile piercings increase the risk of developing paraphimosis if pain and swelling prevent reduction of a retracted foreskin.

With time, impairment of venous and lymphatic flow to the glans leads to venous engorgement and worsening swelling. One to five percent of males will have nonretractible foreskins by age 16 years. Sex Phimosis and paraphimosis affects males only.

Fimoeis Phimosis and paraphimosis can occur at any age.

Paraphimosis: Current Treatment Options – – American Family Physician

Parents of patients with physiologic phimosis may bring in the patient after noting an inability to retract the foreskin during routine cleaning or bathing. Parents may also be alarmed by “ballooning” of the prepuce during urination — a normal finding. Pathologic phimosis may be detected in males who report painful erections, hematuria, recurrent urinary tract infections, preputial pain, or a weakened urinary stream. Physiologic phimosis versus pathologic phimosis.

Paraphimosis classically presents with a painful, swollen glans penis in the uncircumcised or partially circumcised patient.

A preverbal infant may present only with irritability. Occasionally, the paraphimosis may be an incidental finding noted by a caretaker of a debilitated patient.

Paraphimosis is classically seen in one of the following populations: Physical Phimosis The foreskin cannot be retracted proximally over the fimois penis. In physiologic phimosis, the preputial orifice is unscarred and healthy appearing. In pathologic phimosis, a contracted white fibrous ring may be visible around the preputial orifice Physiologic phimosis versus pathologic phimosis. Paraphimosis The foreskin is retracted behind the glans penis and cannot be replaced to its normal position.

The foreskin forms a tight, constricting ring around the glans. Flaccidity of the penile shaft proximal to the area of paraphimosis is seen unless there is accompanying balanoposthitis or infection adlah the penis. With time, the glans becomes increasingly erythematous and edematous. The glans penis is initially its normal pink hue and soft to palpation.

As necrosis develops, the color changes to blue or black and the glans becomes firm to palpation. Differentials Anasarca Angioedema Balanitis Bites, Insects Cellulitis Dermatitis, Contact Foreign body tourniquet, including hair, thread, metallic object, or rubber bands Penile carcinoma Penile fracture Penile hematoma Laboratory Studies Phimosis and paraphimosis are clinical diagnoses, and laboratory and imaging studies are not indicated.

Emergency Department Care Patients with phimosis rarely require any emergency intervention and should be referred to a urologist as on an outpatient basis prior to development of irreversible penile damage.

A paraphimosis is a urologic emergency and needs to be attended to immediately. Many techniques of paraphimosis reduction have been described in case studies, though none have been tested in randomized control trials. When necessary, all of the following procedures can be facilitated by the use of local anesthesia, a penile block using lidocaine hydrochloride without epinephrine or, especially in children, conscious sedation. Sterile technique should be used for all invasive procedures.

Pathologic and physiologic phimosis

The authors recommend attempting to reduce the paraphimosis in the following sequence, from least to most invasive. The urologist should be involved early on in all cases of paraphimosis that require more than minimally invasive methods of reduction.

Manual reduction Manual reduction is performed by placing both index fingers on the dorsal border of the penis behind the retracted prepuce and both thumbs on the end of the glans. The glans is pushed back through adaoah prepuce with the help of constant thumb pressure while the index fingers pull the prepuce over the glans.

Osmotic method Substances with a high solute concentration can be used to osmotically draw out parafimosi from the edematous glans and foreskin prior to manual reduction. Granulated sugar spread over the glans and foreskin for 2 hours has been shown to facilitate manual reduction.

Puncture method This method requires the use of a to gauge needle to puncture openings into the foreskin to allow edematous fluid to escape from the puncture sites during manual compression.

Successful reductions have been reported with single and up to 20 punctures. It is thought that hyaluronidase disperses extracellular edema by modifying the permeability of intercellular substance in connective tissue. The use of this method is contraindicated in those with the presence of infection or cancer, since the technique may result in the spread of bacteria or malignant cells. Drawbacks to this method include the risk of anaphylaxis and shock and the lack of availability of hyaluronidase in many EDs.

Aspiration A tourniquet is applied to the shaft of the penis. A gauge needle is then used to aspirate mL of blood from the glans, parallel to the urethra.

Prepuce: phimosis, paraphimosis, and circumcision.

This reduces the volume of the glans sufficiently to facilitate manual reduction. Vertical incision If none of the above methods are successful, the constricting band of the foreskin should be incised using a cm longitudinal incision between two straight hemostats placed in the o’clock position for hemostasis.

Emergent circumcision This is a last resort, to be performed by a urologist, to achieve the necessary reduction of a paraphimosis. Consultations A paraphimosis is a urologic emergency and prompt efforts to reduce the paraphimosis must be made by the emergency physician. If minimally invasive measures fail to reduce the paraphimosis, a urologic consultation is required.

The ED physician may choose to recommend 0. The urologist, in consultation with the patient and his family, may try a course of topical steroids or preputioplasty. A paraphimosis that is reduced with minimal intervention by the ED physician still requires outpatient urology follow-up in anticipation of recurrences and evaluation for possible circumcision.


Recurrence Posthitis Necrosis and gangrene of the glans[4] Autoamputation Prognosis Complete resolution is expected with appropriate treatment. Patient Education Parents should be educated about the normalcy of congenital phimosis and the time course of its resolution.

The dangers of forcibly retracting the foreskin for hygienic purposes should be stressed. If the prepuce does not readily retract, parents should not attempt to clean under it. Patients and parents of children should be educated on the importance of reduction of the foreskin after each cleaning. All providers of adult care should be made aware of the risk of paraphimosis associated with bladder catheterization.

They should be reminded to always reduce the foreskin after cleaning and catheterization. For excellent patient education resources, visit eMedicine’s Men’s Health Center. Also, see eMedicine’s patient education articles Foreskin Problems and Circumcision.

Terjemahan Latar belakang Phimosis mengacu pada ketidakmampuan untuk menarik kembali kulup lebih distal glans penis. Fimosis fisiologis terjadi secara alami pada laki-laki baru lahir. Patologis phimosis mendefinisikan ketidakmampuan untuk menarik kembali kulup setelah sebelumnya yg dpt dibatalkan atau setelah pubertas, biasanya sekunder terhadap distal parut pada kulup.

Parafimosis adalah jebakan dari kulup ditarik balik sulkus koronal. Parafimosis adalah penyakit laki-laki disunat atau sebagian disunat. Fisiologis phimosis hasil dari adhesi antara lapisan epitel dari kulit khatan bagian dalam dan kelenjar. Ini adhesi secara spontan larut dengan pencabutan kulup intermiten dan ereksi, sehingga sebagai laki-laki tumbuh, fimosis fisiologis menyelesaikan dengan usia.

Miskin kebersihan dan episode berulang balanitis atau memimpin balanoposthitis luka parut dari lubang preputial, menyebabkan phimosis patologis. Pencabutan kuat dari kulup menyebabkan microtears di lubang preputial yang juga menyebabkan jaringan parut dan phimosis. Orang-orang tua beresiko phimosis sekunder untuk hilangnya elastisitas kulit dan ereksi jarang. Tindikan penis meningkatkan risiko mengembangkan parafimosis jika nyeri dan pembengkakan mencegah fimsis dari kulup ditarik.

Dengan waktu, gangguan aliran vena dan limfatik ke kelenjar menyebabkan pembengkakan vena dan pembengkakan memburuk. Satu sampai lima persen laki-laki akan memiliki kulit khatan nonretractible pada usia 16 tahun [1, 2].

Ras Tidak ada predileksi ras dikenal ada untuk fimosis dan parafimosis. Seks Fimosis dan parafimosis parafimosi laki-laki saja. Usia Fimosis dan parafimosis dapat terjadi pada semua usia.


la décolonisation en asie inde et indochine pdf. Home back1 23 Next. This website is Search engine for pdf document,our robot collecte pdf from internet this. Venez visiter l’ Asie: Inde, Japon, Chine, Corée, Thailande, Vietnam. Philippines Malaisie Singapour Indochine Vietnam Cambodge Laos Thailande Indonesie La décolonisation a été assez rapide après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. 13 déc. Ses écrits sur le bouddhisme en Asie du Sud-Est firent de lui l’un des plus libre et fut parachuté en Indochine pour le compte de la Résistance. ce qui l’incita à prôner une politique de décolonisation pour la France, les aires culturelles principales suivantes: l’Asie, le Cambodge, l’Inde, le Viêt-Nam.

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This panel explores female archaeologists involved in research in Southeast Asia in the 19 th and 20 th centuries, to the present time. The panel also invites papers qsie museum practitioners operating in the region in The panel also invites papers on museum practitioners operating aaie the region in the same period. Earlier examples involving female geologists would also be welcome. Comparative analyses are indochlne welcome between female archaeologists in Southeast Asia and their female counterparts outside this region.

Papers should explore perceptions, treatment, working conditions but also advantages and disadvantages of early and contemporary female diggers. Instances of seemingly incongruous behaviour would also make for interesting presentations. For example, how to rationalise the intrepid Gertrude Bellpioneer of Iraqi archaeology and skilled political officer, with her role as honorary secretary of the British Women’s Anti-Suffrage League? Proposals on other perceptions of females on fieldwork in Southeast Asia will also indochlne considered.

Interested parties should submit an Abstract words online for Session This article explores the connections between student mobility and identity construction in colonial Asia from the s to the end of the Second World War. It focuses on the international experiences of indochinee from British India and While only a handful of Indians had moved to foreign territories in the last decades of the nineteenth century, international mobility picked up pace from the turn of the twentieth century on.

Impérialisme occidental en Asie

These international students were driven by different motives that reflected individual and collective goals at the same time: Additionally, religious motives could also play a role. Belonging to a specific community—whether colonial, national or religious—influenced student flows, and identities were in turn shaped by the experiences the students made abroad. Student unions, for example, tried on the one hand to gather students of the same origin while they also aimed to create a cosmopolitan community in some instances.

Between Scylla and Charybdis: Just as the political and social dimensions of French colonialism in Indochina were increasingly challenged, so too were the institutional prerogatives of a colonial Church traditionally dominated by a hierarchy of foreign missionaries.

An array of sociopolitical fcolonisation ranging from the French colonial administration, emissaries from the Vatican, and even indigenous Vietnamese Catholic nationalists, all had vested interests in influencing the future direction of the Catholic Church in the colony.

Discourses of French and Vietnamese nationalism, racial equality and anti-colonialism underpinned the tensions which fundamentally altered the nature of missionary activity in interwar Indochina. However, negotiating these challenges was far from a straightforward process.

As agents of religious evangelisation, these missionaries owed fealty to the ideals and directives of the broader Catholic Church at a time in which parochial attitudes of nationalistic evangelical zeal was increasingly critiqued. Dcolomisation as French citizens, many were also animated by sentiments of cultural pride and loyalty to their home country.

Moreover, Catholic missionaries possessed a strong institutional identity unto themselves which was often separate from these two poles of influence. The confluence of these different mentalities invariably complicated their position as Catholic missionaries in interwar Indochina were consistently caught between the need to respond to different and often contradictory imperatives.

Based on my ongoing PhD research, this paper discusses the development of colonial student mobility at the international level. To do so, it focuses on the case of native students from British India and French Indochina dcoloniation the first To do so, it focuses dcolonisatoon the case of native students from British India and French Indochina during the first half of the 20th century.

How did international flows participate in structuring higher education in Asia? By exploring causes and consequences of these specific indochiine, I emphasize the global dimension of higher education, turning mobility into one of its main components.

Whilst imperial mobility eet started to develop since the mid 19th century, international flows appeared a few decades later. Between the s and the s, a few Indians and Indochinese joined Japanese schools. At the same time, some Indian students enrolled North-American schools but Indochinese flows remained mostly imperial.

A new step was reached in the Interwar years when international mobility was still increasing, including new territories like the USSR. This complex map of student mobility is based on multiple causes: It would be wrong to consider flows as homogeneous, regular.

Convoluted trajectories have to be underscored. For dcolonisatiob, inRathindranath Tagore was admitted at the University of Illinois after its failure to reach Tokyo and then, Berkeley, temporarily closed after an earthquake. Furthermore, links between different places of study existed: Methodological stakes aroused by a global study of higher education mobility are also discussed, through a focus dcolonisatikn the availability and accessibility of archive materials.

The entanglement of records from different archive centers in Europe, Asia and North America, is imdochine. To Hanoi University and Beyond.

The Japanese Invasion of Indochina, Why the Pacific War Started in Indochina. The origin of the Pacific War must be traced from eg time Japanese army started to occupy French Indochina in September This event is often considered as a mere incident on the way to Pearl Harbor. However, a thorough survey of However, a thorough survey of Japanese archives shows its central importance inside of an wsie plan that led Japan to collide with European powers and the US.

Japan had never considered Southeast Asia and the Pacific as a strategic priority. However, It changed when Japan, isolated after the conclusion of Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact, started to consider the Southward expansion as a way out.

German victories in Europe from May left French Indochina isolated and defenseless. In July, the new Konoe cabinet decided to associate the Southward expansion to an alliance with Germany designed to deter the US to take sanctions. Two days after Japanese army er French army, Washington decided its first economic sanctions.

They were counterproductive, persuading Japan that only the possession of Southeast Asian resources would enable her to resist US pressure.

French colonial Indochina

Any further Japanese encroachment in the region worsened the crisis. Without this shift to the South initiated by Japan through her invasion of French Indochina, it is unlikely the Pacific War would have occurred. This paper aims at reasserting the central role played by this event. Des Vietnamiens au Japon: In “The Road of the Strong”, Groslier gives readers a candid ka intimate look at life in early 20th century In “The Road of the Strong”, Groslier gives readers a candid and intimate look at life in early 20th century colonial French Indochina.

This special edition in its first English translation includes an insightful foreword by Professor Henri Copin, publisher’s notes, supplemental materials, the original French text, and a page feature article by Tom Kramer: The names Indochina and Indo-Chine The names Indochina and Indo-Chine originated in ihdochine early nineteenth century to denote a geographical entity between India and China, based on European adaptation of local historical accounts.

French colonizers popularized the term through colonization, yet other competing terms persisted. In the course of the nineteenth century Europeans came to a new geopolitical ind of the region called Dcolonisatio, but the new knowledge never completely replaced earlier speculative, almost mythical notions about India Orientalis East Indies.

The expansion of geographical knowledge facilitated imperialism. This thesis intends to study the history of nationality law of the colonized people at that time named natives particularly the link with the ambiguous notion of race. This law came out at dcllonisation beginning of the french setting in Algeria before becoming official in These measures defined the colonized in national and racial terms and focused on the question of inter breeding dcolonisahion well between europeans and native people as between chinese and native people.

The nationality law proper to colonized people will decline gradually afterwards under the Vichy government because the system tends to convert natives into a racial category and then under the fourth Republic because this law was considered as asiee.

The Indochinese University in Hanoi InHanoi University celebrated idochine th birthday. In his celebratory speech, the University Rector, Prof.

Referring to its colonial birth, he highlighted almost Referring to its colonial birth, he highlighted almost a century of Vietnamese higher education. Created by the French twice, in andthe Indochinese University particularly developed in the interwar period after its rocky start. It might be suspected that this post-colonial era would have reduced its zone of influence; but from the start, Hanoi University always had striven to be a regional asue hub, especially in South-East Asia.

L’Asie du Sud-Est : Japon, Chine,

The thesis combines the historical The thesis combines the historical study of this area in relation to the colonial institutions in Laos from to the early s, with my new mapping of the jar sites based dcolonissation extensive original documentation.

Also addressed is academic interaction between Dutch researchers in Indonesia and their French counterparts in Indochina and how these exchanges led to the first Far-Eastern Prehistory Congress held in Lq in January Under-researched or undocumented aspects of jar form are discussed, together with a sequence of carving steps based on my observations at quarries and jar sites.

An expanded site distribution is analysed in relation to sources of stone and historical routes. The thesis re-contextualizes Colani’s work in her time and with new survey and production matter, redefines jar design and iconography, the spatial distribution of sites and their close relationship to the places and processes of manufacture.

Regional comparisons are explored and discussed in relation indchine megaliths and material culture from archaeological sites in Mainland and Island Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

Maps and constructions of imperial territories in Northern Indochinese Peninsula, Ads help cover our server costs. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with dcolonisaion we’ll email you a reset link.

Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in:


Always hiding his tormented past along with his scarred body, Kaden James finds it difficult to keep a job. Luck finally turns his way when he. : Touch Me Gently (): J. R. Loveless: Books. Touch Me Gently – Kindle edition by J.R. Loveless. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. Preview — Touch Me Gently by J. Touch Me M.r.loveless by J. Always hiding his tormented past along with his scarred body, Kaden James finds it difficult to keep a job.

Luck finally turns his way when he finds a job as a cook on a Montana ranch, where he meets terrifyingly handsome Logan Michaels.

Logan is different from any man Kaden’s ever met, and before long, he finds himself falling in love with the big cowboy. But Kaden’s nigh Always hiding his tormented past along with his scarred body, Kaden Toucb finds it difficult to keep a job.

But Kaden’s nightmares won’t let go of him so easily, and he’s not just jumping at shadows. He has nearly a lifetime of abuse, horrifying memories, and pain addiction to overcome.

Can Logan’s gentle touch help Kaden heal inside? Paperbackpages. Published September 3rd by Dreamspinner Press first published September 2nd Kaden James jr.loveless, Logan Michaels. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers houch about Touch Me Gentlyplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. DNF This is just too sweet, even for me. I don’t know what exactly is my problem, I was expecting an emotional story, but for some reason, I j.r.lvoeless like the story was forcing me to be emotional with the constant crying and shocks of the main guy.

D Yep, heartless all right And everything else in the book is too sweet, too too sweet. I may have to stop eating chocolate for the next few days. Anyway, off to the next one Sorry K View all 62 comments.

Touch Me Gently Audiobook | J.R. Loveless |

Drama like my man left me, took my dog and burned my house down on my birthday. He’s had some trauma and is scared of big men, so he gets fired from jobs again and again. He meets his new boss Logan Who’s big but has tasty looks. I really liked Kaden and wanted him to keep his job because Montana’s much cheaper than NYC Right from the beginning Logan is attracted to Kaden and this doesn’t seem to bother Logan much even though Logan thinks himself straight and sees Kaden as really young which is weird, just a touch.

The drama ramps up a bit when in the middle of the night Kaden helps Logan deliver a baby horse because apparently Kaden is something of a horse whisperer Of course, of course, of course.

I must not have been paying attention. This is when we find out that Kaden’s a cutter and reading about him hurting himself really got to me. I think the author wanted to throw every horrible thing into this book and it’s my opinion that she should have pulled some of the craziness back.

I swear that all this book was missing was some explosions, animal abuse and a beheading or something But wait things reached the pinnacle when a dying child gets slipped in with some possibly permanent paralysis. Then there are visions and a physical therapist who gives tough love and I thought to myself “Is there no end to this?

I had to give myself a shock to start my heart back up Fortunately there was an end and it was a happy one. Kaden and Logan build a family, surround themselves with friends and there are surprises and sex in between. The last few pages made me smile with the implausibility of the scene. I was all “Really?

Whatever, I’ll go with it. I can’t j.r.lovelezs recommend this book but it’s better than a hit-and-miss. View all 17 comments. The angsty premise – badly abused young man coming to the country, finding j.r.lovelfss family, learning he deserves to be loved, etc. There’s the lack of emotional realism; in particular, the fact that Kaden comes to the ranch so terribly traumatized that he can’t even have a single lustful thought or feeling without having a panic attack – and having been this way for years an The angsty premise – badly abused young man coming to the country, finding a family, learning he deserves to be loved, etc.

There’s the lack of emotional realism; in particular, the fact that Kaden comes to the ranch so terribly traumatized that he can’t even have a single lustful thought or feeling without having a panic attack – and having been this way for years and years – and yet within three months he’s having sex, apparently without a single moment of trauma or fear once the barrier is breached, so to speak.

That felt so inappropriate, and so untimely, that I couldn’t get past it – and md just one example, the biggest one, of a j.r.llveless lack of realism, what another commenter described well as the author taking the easy way out for herself and her characters: Kaden just got over his problems em, way too easily.

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Then there were the pages of exposition, of telling-not-showing, in which the author described the characters’ feelings, what was going on in their heads, their motivations j.r.loevless desires, rather than illustrating these with actions and conversations. There was the lack of clear, much less consistent, point of view. And the constant reference to Kaden, by both the author and by Logan, as “the teenager” or “the teen” went beyond annoying why not just use his name?

He was 19 – hardly the age typically referred to as j.r.lovelezs “teenager” – gentlyy if he was old enough to be establishing a permanent relationship with Logan, he was old enough at least to be referred to as a man.

I could barely finish this book, mostly because of the emotional heavy-handedness and the h.r.loveless and un-nuanced dealing with difficult issues; once I got to the sex, I was hard put to keep going.

All this, combined with the stylistic issues, made it impossible for me to have any emotional connection with the characters, despite the good set-up. I’m hoping the author can learn from these comments – and all the negative ones are fairly consistent – because her writing style is solid enough to show the capacity for improvement. And a good editor to rigorously point out and help address the telling-not-showing problem, to tone down the emotional extremism, and to act as a check for emotional realism, could make a huge difference.

View all 3 comments. Oct 19, Emma Sea rated it did,ess like it Mme Re-read, April What a load of unreadable crap! I gave this 4 stars in What was I thinking?? Original review Oct 19, This book is written terribly, but at the end of a really bad day it was like a big dish of over-sweet ice cream with canned whipped cream and syrup: BUT, it’s light and floofy, there’s an HEA, no one makes anyone else suffer through weeks of orgasm denial I’m looking at you, Billy and Tannyand there are horses, yay.

Engage brain in escapist mode and enjoy. View all 4 comments. Aug genhly, Betryal rated it really liked it. Whereas I should be starting on the j.r.lpveless book to read unfortunately my mind kept playing back to this one and even though I was only going to rate it I felt the urge, the need to write up my thoughts on this story in question.

Touch Me Gently – Kindle edition by J.R. Loveless. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

This is it for me. There are many factors I found disturbing within this story that perhaps the timing in j.r.loveles this one was off for me, but I started it so I was going to see it through and damn well finish it even at the warning bells going off on stop reading it. I found it just so.

He has so much to deal with in life that I found it incredible he even made it to the point he had in the book without having tried to commit suicide but rather he becomie a cutter as an alternative to sever any emotional pain that deems to stressful for him to handle or cope.

Experience and see what life is all about. This is where it bombed for me. When was enough, enough? At what point was happiness and joy of life going to begin?

It did nothing for the black threatening cloud spiraling above not only the character’s heads but j.loveless reader’s as well. Having said all I have to say, now I can move on, up and forward to the next book that a good friend has dissected as the proper read for me at this time in my life after berating me for having read this one.

Kisses go out to him. View all 5 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The narration by Jeff Gelder was very good, as I have come to expect and enjoy from him.

Unfortunately, the story in no way, shape or form worked for me. This story requires the complete .jr.loveless total suspension of disbelief for every single partwhich is impossible.

You can have one or two things require suspension of disbelief in a story, and still have it work, but EVERY element? Click on the spoiler tag to see a breakdown of exactly what went wrong for me in this story. Be advis The narration by Jeff Gelder was very good, as I have come to expect and enjoy from him. You should be over eighteen to click on the spoiler tag, because no child should be subjected to this tuch of language.

You’ll always be mine! We find out his father died before he was born in a car accident and at some point his mother remarried at what age Kaden was when this happened is never disclosed to Gary, who turns out to be a pedophile. Gary would sneak into Kaden’s room and j.r.loveles things” to him. He was threatened with more harm if he told his mother. I’ll let it go. The brutality and rapes begin in earnest at this point. Over the next five years Gary proceeds to rape, beat, cut him with knives and razor blades, and burn him all over his body with cigars.

He said he wanted to make me ugly to the world so they wouldn’t try to take me away from him. Not a teacher, a neighbor?


02bea Strategic Management: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ANDLearning ObjectivesBusiness Policy and Strategic Management. business policy and strategy by cynthia zarate pdf Business policy and strategy / by Zarate, Cynthia A. Publication: Manila: Rex Book Store Inc, p.: Includes index 23 cm. Date Availability.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

Business Policy and Strategy by Cynthia A. Zarate

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. Business Policy and Strategy by Cynthia A.

Principles of Management

Summarizes the various strategies used by the managers of the different sarate. Each department has a specific function which is aligned with the attainment of corporate goals.

This book combines concepts, theories, cases, and activities that would clearly demonstrate how these strategies work.

Uses local and foreign materials to illustrate how these strategies, if emp Summarizes the various strategies used by the managers of the different departments.

PaperbackFirst Editionpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, stategy sign up. To ask other readers questions about Business Policy and Strategyplease sign up. Answers on the activities on Chapter 1? See all 6 questions about Business Policy and Strategy….

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 15, Chery marked it as to-read.

Business Policy and Strategy

Joemari Hambora rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Charish Dane rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Lorz Lei rated it it was ok Aug 19, Romcris Olano rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Jessa Tioaquen rated it really liked it Dec 04, Kira rated it really liked it Jan 23, En-El Tacay rated it did not like it Nov 25, Girlie Banagua rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Pards rated it it was ok Dec 14, Dessa May rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Jon Chrise rated it liked it Jul 06, Ann Jane rated it it was amazing Dec 19, G Req rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Jona Mie rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Raimund Galangera rated it liked it Jun 17, Ramonchito Nalangan rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Charmie Lloren rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Yan-Yan Yap rated it it was amazing Nov 21, Erika Magpantay rated it liked it Jan 29, Bejane rated it did not like it Jan 10, Emariecortas rated it liked it Nov 13, Com rated it liked it Jun 14, Louremie Malabayabas rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Lotte rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Ashley Macarampat rated it liked it Jan 01, Cha Cani rated it really liked it Nov 29, Charmaine rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Jan 15, Jennypravsi marked it as to-read.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Chanelle rated it did not like it Jan 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Trivia About Business Policy a No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.