Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, (2) It extends to the whole of India 2*** 3***. (3) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official. Cantonments Act, DEFINITION AND DELIMITATION OF CANTONMENTS of cantonment fund when area ceases to be included in a cantonment.

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An additional provision is being made enabling the Board to refuse sanction of a building plan if a land has ben placed cnatonment the management of the Board and the erection or re-erection of a building constitutes a breach of the terms of the entrustment of management. Provided that a meeting where the member is absent with the leave of the Board shall not be taken into account.

Time and manner cantonmenf payment of taxes.

Disposal of cantonment fund when area ceases to be a cantonment 7: Authentication and validity of notices issued by Board. II, S, 2, Ext. Substituted by Act 15 ofsection 2, for “District” w.

Provided that, in the case of a well, such person as aforesaid may, instead of complying with the notice signify in writing his desire to be relieved of all responsibility for the proper maintenance of the well and his readiness to place it under the control and supervision of thea[Board] for the use of the public, and, if he does so, he shall not be bound to carry out the requisition, and actt shall undertake the control and supervision of the well.

Time and manner of payment of taxes. If the property is rented out or sold, a note to this effect shall be made in the remarks column under the dated initials of the Executive Officer.

cantonmwnt Powers of Central Government on a reference made under section Power of Central Government to review Destruction of infectious hut or shed.

Alteration of limits of cantonments.

Indian Numbered Acts

Felling, lopping and trimming of trees. Such roll shall be prepared, revised and finally published in such manner and on such date in each year as thee[Central Government] may by rule prescribe.

Provided that no order shall be made under this section against any person unless he has had a reasonable opportunity of being informed ofthe grounds on which it is proposed to make the order and of showing cause why the order should not be made.


Substituted by Act 53 ofsection 6, for the former sub-section 1. Public markets and slaughter-houses. The other amendment to substitute a new sub-section for sub-sections 2 and 3 provides for the publication of tax proposals once 19924 on the lines of similar provisions cantonmenr in some municipal laws.

PENALTY FOR CAUSING NUISANCES – 1 Whoever- a in any street or ether public place within a cantonment,- i is drunk and disorderly or drunk and incapable of taking care of himself; or ii uses any threatening, abusive or insulting words, or behaves in a threatening or insulting manner with intent to provoke a breach of the peace, or whereby a breach of the peace is likely to be occasioned; or iii eases himself, or wilfully or indecently exposes his person; or iv loiters, or begs importunately, for alms; or v exposes or exhibits, with the object of exciting charity, any deformity or disease or any offensive sore or wound: Contracts by whom to be executed.

This period of three months is considered inadequate and is proposed to be enhanced to six months. Rules and bye-laws to be available for inspection and purchase. Term of office of Vice-President Power to enter land adjoining land where work is in progress. Cantonment servant to be deemed a public serv ant. Removal of members 1 [ 1 The [Central Government] may remove from cantonmeng Board any member thereof who- a becomes 2 [or is found to have been at the time of his election or nomination] subject, to any of the disqualifications specified in sub- section 2 of section 27 3 [or in section 28]; or b has absented himself for more than three consecutive months from the meetings of the Board and is unable to explain such absence to the satisfaction of the Board.

Authentication of assessment list. Canntonment that no Board shall be superseded unless a reasonable opportunity has been given to it to show cause against the supersession.

The Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, exempt, either wholly or in part from the payment of any tax imposed under this Act, any person or class of persons or any property or goods or class of property or goods. Notice to be given of every occupation of vacant building or house 1 The owner of any building, tenement or land in respect of which a remission or refund of tax has been given under section 76 or section 77 shall give notice of the re-occupation of such building 1 [tenement] or land within fifteen days of such re-occupation.

If, czntonment the period fixed by a direction made under section 49, any action the taking of which has been directed under that section has not been duly taken, the 1 [Central Government or the Officer Commanding-in-chief, the Command, as the case may be,] may make arrangements for the taking of such action, and may direct that all expenses connected therewith shall be defrayed out of the cantonment fund.


Whoever in a cantonment- a uses a public conveyance while suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, or b uses a public conveyance for the carriage of a person who is suffering from any such disease, or c uses a public conveyance for the carriage of the corpse of a person who has died from any such disease, shall be bound to take proper precautions against the communication of the disease to other persons using or who may thereafter use the conveyance and to catonment such use to the owner, driver or person in charge of the conveyance, and further to report without delay to the Executive Officer the number of the conveyance and the name of the person so notified.

Power to exclude from cantonment persons refusing to attend hospital or dispensary. Act 15 ofClauses 44, 45, 46, 50, 53, 84, 85, 88, 92,93,96, Provided also that the Central Government shall forthwith direct that the term of office of such a Board shall cease canton,ent, in the opinion of the Central Government, the reasons stated in the declaration whereby such Board was constituted or its term of office was extended, have ceased to exist.


Disposal of cantonment fund when area ceases to be included in a cantonment I When, by a notification under section 4, any to cal area forming part of a cantonment ceases to be under the control of a particular 1 [Board] and is immediately placed under aact control of some other to cal authority, such portion of the cantonment fund and other property vesting in the 1 [Board] and such cantonmwnt of the liabilities of the 1 [Board], as the Central Government may, by general or special order, direct, shall be transferred to that other to cal authority.

Power of Central Government to issue directions to the Board Disposal of infected article without disinfection. Qualification for being cantonmwnt member of the Board Disposal of infected article without disinfection.

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