The BCSI B-Series Summary Sheets summarize each of the chapters of the BCSI book. B3 – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members. Refer to the BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members for more information. All other permanent bracing design is the. To view any of the BCSI documents click on the links below. BCSI-B1 Summary Sheet. Handling, Installing, & Bracing BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet. Web member .

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Prior to Truss installation, it is recommended that the documents be examined and disseminated to all appropriate personnel. Examine the structure, including the framing system, bearing locations, and related installation locations and begin Truss installation only after any unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.

Do not cut, modify, or repair components. Report any damage before installation. The information in this book is offered as a minimum guideline only. Nothing contained in BCSI shall be construed in any manner as expanding the scope of responsibility of, or imposing any additional liabilities on the Truss Manufacturer.

Every project has different site conditions that can have a specific effect on the erection process. Before the first Truss is erected, every individual involved shall understand the plan for hoisting and Truss setting and the intended temporary restraint and Bracing requirements for a safe, efficient and accident-free bczi.

It is recommended that this review bb3 be followed before any Truss handling operations are performed. Proper restraint and Bracing of Trusses requires an understanding of triangulation in the various planes perpendicular to the planes of the members of the Trusses.

This understanding is essential for a safe installation. Purchasers and users of this guide are advised to visit the products section of sbcindustry. Use only the latest edition. Additionally, errata and updates are published periodically and are available at sbcindustry.

WARNING Bcai handling, storing, installing, restraining and Bracing of Trusses requires specialized training, clearly implemented bsci, and careful planning and communication among the Contractor, all installation crews and any crane operators. This book or any part thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

Printed in the United States of America.

Graphic art, photographs, sketches, drawings, forms, and table formats that appear in this document have come from bcxi sources, some known and others unknown. Certain individuals have been especially dedicated to making BCSI possible: Finally, a key thank you must go to those that tended to all the details in the background, without which this document would not be completed.

Bcxi group includes Art Hernandez, P. Back Cover Considerations Before Starting This guide for builders features proper techniques for unloading, storing, lifting, erecting, installing, restraining and Bracing Trusses. Numerous graphics accompanied by written instructions provide an easy-to-follow reference. The methods and procedures in BCSI are intended to ensure that the overall construction techniques employed will put floor and roof Trusses in place safely.

Thus, SBCA, TPI and those who participated in the development of this guide expressly disclaim any responsibility for damages arising from the use, application, or reliance on the recommendations and information contained herein. Permanent Bracing must provide sufficient support at right angles to the plane of the Truss to hold every Truss member in the position assumed for it in the design.


The consistent message throughout all of these documents is that proper Truss handling, installing, restraining and Bracing are crucial for consistent jobsite safety and acceptable structural performance.

The sections of this book are available as B-Series Summary Sheets. Each Summary Sheet condenses the information contained in the corresponding section of this book into a few pages that emphasize the main points using a graphical representation of the text as fully as possible.

The goal is to provide clear, concise information for bfsi users so they can implement the handling, installing, restraining and Bracing bcwi contained herein more easily. During construction, Bcdi must not support any loads from equipment or construction materials until the Truss assembly is properly restrained and braced.

This document provides safe stack heights for several materials and illustrates good and bad loading practices. Trusses are engineered components that can be damaged through mishandling, jobsite modification or improper installation.

This Summary Sheet provides information on what to do if Trusses become damaged during the construction process. The following B-Series Summary Sheets were specifically created for special conditions that are encountered during bcis Truss installation and Bracing process: Floor Trusses are more stable during installation because they are built with the wideface of the lumber oriented horizontally.

Nevertheless, it is important to observe good installation, restraint and Bracing practices so floor systems are installed bsci and successfully, and offer better longterm floor performance. BCSI-B8 contains guidelines for using toe-nailed Connections and provides bcdi and lateral gcsi capacities for these Connections.

BCSI – Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing, Restraining

Connection options are also discussed for when toe-nailing is not enough. Multiple-ply Girder Trusses consist of two or more individual Trusses that must be attached together to act as a single member.

BCSI-B9 discusses various attachment methods and types of fasteners. Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses are commonly used in post frame construction. The handling, storing, installing, restraining and diagonal bracing of n3 building compo- nents requires specialized training, clearly implemented procedures, and careful planning and communication among the contractor, crane operator and installation crew. Prior to component installation, the documents bb3 be bci and 3b to all appropriate personnel, in addition to proper training and a clear understanding v3 the installation plan, any applicable fall protection requirements, and the intended restraint and bracing requirements.

Trusses with clear spans of 60 feet or greater in length are very dangerous to install and may require complex temporary and bccsi bracing. Please consult a Registered Design Professional. Begin component installation only after any unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. Do not cut, modify or repair components. Trusses are NOT designed to be fall protection anchors. The enclosed documents are offered as minimum guidelines only. Nothing contained in this jobsite package should be construed in any manner as bb3 the scope of responsibility of, or imposing any additional liabilities on, the component manufacturer.

Truss spacing of To view a non-printing PDF of this document, visit www. An example of this Checklist is provided below. When Trusses are stored at the site, use Blocking, stringers, pallets, platforms or other means of support to keep the Trusses off of the ground or in a braced upright position to avoid damage.


Please always consult a Registered Design Professional. Individual Web Member Reinforcement B. Refuerzo de Miembros Secundarios Individuales T- L- Scab, I- U-Reinforcement, proprietary metal reinforcement and stacked web products provide an alternative for resisting web buckling.

T- L- costra, I- U-Refuerzo, refuerzo de metal patentando y productos de miembros secundarios amontonados proveen una alternativa para resistir el torcer de los miembros secundarios.

Bcei a flat bottom chord gable end frame with adjacent trusses that have sloped bottom chords is prohibited by some building codes as adequate bracing of this condition is difficult and sometimes impossible. Special end wall bracing design considerations are required by Construction loads are those loads imposed on the unfinished the building designer if the gable end frame profile does not match the adjacent trusses. Some chord and web members not shown for clarity.

Begin installing Trusses only after any unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. Consideraciones especiales de materials, name a few.

Lateral restraint and diagonal bracing used to brace the bottom chord plane. The same bracing can often be used for both functions. A menudo el mismo arriostre puede ser usado para ambos funciones.

Other attachment requirements may be specified by the truss designer or building designer. Bottom bci plane Example of raked gable end wall with scissors gable end frame Truss Member, typ. Please always consult a registered design professional. Tramos sobre 60 pies bcdi requerir arriostre permanente complejo. This guide or any part thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publishers.

This document should appear in more than one color. Chapas de metal bcwi bordes afilados. Lateral restraint is NOT adequate without diagonal bracing.

SBCA Catalog: B3 Summary – 11″x17″ Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members

CLR required only 60′ Top Utilice chord porting truss or restraint. Some chord cbsi webinmembers cuidado 80′ Fastener size and spacing requirements and grade for diaphragm. Para ver un PDF de este documento que no se bccsi imprimir, visita www. Unload trusses rigid ceiling Armazones Hastiales vea el tiles — azulejos 4′ o.

Limit stacking periods to approximately one week, unless alternative information is provided by 2. Ground bracing not shown for clarity.

Descargue trusses diagonal en la a cada miembro secundario ej. Repita cada 20 pies o menos. Los soportes que sostienen cargas ej.

BCSI – Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing, Restraining

Hangers, tie-downs, restraint and bracing materials are on site and accessible. Any truss damage is reported to truss manufacturer. No amontone materiales sobre trusses que no esten arriostrados. No bcsl los trusses. NO almacene verticalmente los trusses sueltos. DO NOT store on uneven ground. DO NOT walk on unbraced trusses. DO NOT exceed maximum stack heights.

Coloque Los las cargas sobre las paredes entramados que nosoportantes. Bottom chords Contact the Bczi Manufacturer for more information or consult a Registered Design Professional for assistance.

Diagonal braces every 10 truss spaces 20′ 6.