AG-HPX – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Recorder “ P2 portable deck” AJ-HPM AG-HPD24 Advanced P2 Mobile with Versatile. Panasonic AG-HPD24 Memory Card Portable Recorder Built-in 9-inch LCD monitor with clip thumbnail preview. May get in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia . Review Panasonic AG-HPD The AG-HPD24 supports /24p native recording and playback with the AVC-Intra codec. . User Manual PDF mb.

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P2 Memory Card Recorder: Repeated Reusability and Low Power Consumption Allowing repeated file copying and initialization, a single P2 card can be used and re-used, again and again. When combined with an IT-based workflow that requires no dubbing, P2 cards can greatly reduce storage media expenses. It uses an intra-frame compression system to bring important advantages to professional editing. It captures masterquality video for high-end image production. AVC-Intra 50’s lower bit rate doubles the recording time and cuts the data transfer time in half.

It also features an aspect conversion function. It can also convert to the Cineon curve for film-recording. AVC-Intra mode features high-quality 24 bit digital audio recording. You can select either 24 bit 4 channel or 16 bit 8 channel recording. A P2 device that is not 24 bit compatible will display the clip number in red, and playback will not be possible.

Panasonic AG-HPD24E Manuals

A P2 viewer that is not 24 bit compatible will not produce normal sound. Use the latest P2 viewer version. Ag-hpd4 current information on 24 bit-compatible P2 devices and P2 viewers, see ” Service and Support “. Its rugged design withstands even harsh professional use. It is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, dust, impact and vibration, and is free of the problems that are common in aag-hpd24, such as condensation, head clogging and dropouts.

The P2 card promises solid reliability and excellent mobility under the often mahual conditions of field recording. Because data is automatically recorded in blank card spaces, wg-hpd24 is no need for cueing and the risk of accidentally overwriting valuable data is eliminated. For details on recording times, see the table below on the compatibility of input signals and recording formats.


All of the times apply when single clips are recorded continuously one after the other on the P2 card. Depending on the number of the clips ag-gpd24 be recorded, the recordable time may be shorter than the times given. Settings must be made on the menu screen system frequency mode. Output is produced only when the playback system frequency is set to In addition to continuous, double-card recording, the AG-HPD24 enables some useful recording functions that are possible only with memory cards.

Thanks to the two card slots, you can hot-swap P2 cards for continuous non-stop recording. With multiple cards you can record for hours without interruption. This function automatically starts recording in response to SDI video input.

This function continuously records video data onto available memory card areas. When the card becomes full, older data is deleted to free up the recording area, resulting in loss-less, endless recording. When used with cameras for time-sensitive information gathering like weather and news reporting, the loop rec function holds the latest video data for a predetermined time period.

When recording or previewing a clip, you can attach a aghpd24 similar to a bookmark at a desired location up to locations on a frame basis. Text information can be added to a memo. During or after recording, you can mark each clip with OK, NG or another msnual. This function lets you ag-hpv24 and edit metadata, such as the name of the camera operator and reporter, shooting location and text memos.

A software keyboard is also provided.

This makes it easy to gather and display clips for broadcasting or editing. The advanced GUI displays the clip properties on the mxnual screen as the clips and clearly shows the source data — with scroll bar, clip count and playback position — at a glance.

The thumbnail display can be changed to show any of the images in the clip.

Panasonic AG-HPX371 AG-HPX371EJ User Manual

This automatically detects the video format and codec for each video clip to play back and output. For slow-motion and double-speed playback.


This lets you select the playback position when playing from a thumbnail image. You can select from three different options: Previous playback position, thumbnail time code position, or the beginning of the clip.

This plays the selected clip single or multiple repeatedly.

Example of a waveform display. You can select from a manuao of 31 functions for allocation to the six user buttons. These settings are saved internally and protected when the power is turned off.

They can also be easily checked on a diagnostic display. AVC-Intra codec files can be copied to external storage at approximately 4 times normal speed.

Device mode allows use as a P2 card drive for a PC nonlinear editor. P2 MXF files on an external storage can be displayed as thumbnails and played mabual.

Not supported in 3D mode.

Panasonic AG-HPD24PJ Solid-State Portable P2 Deck AG-HPD24PJ B&H

Playback is based on disk drive performance, including spindle speed. Panasonic cannot guarantee smooth playback without dropped frames. This provides digital output for a wide variety of both professional and consumer devices. It is also compatible with 3D images. This enables high-quality line recording using signals from a video camera or a video switcher. Also, the left image is output during 3D mode. The included AC adaptor allows operation from an AC power source.

The AVC-Intra codec records high-quality images with full-pixel HD and full sampling data for both left and qg-hpd24 channels for high-end 3D image production. When the “Setup” “System” “Frequency” menu item is set to When this menu item is set to This makes 3D images as easy to handle as 2D images.

Head on this page. A compact P2 deck with 24P and 3D compatibility for studio production and on-air transmission. Front Speaker Audio can be monitored from the front speaker. External remote control is also possible via the RSA terminal.